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We are confident that our imported products will meet your expectations and needs as our products are manufactured in full conformity with international standards and requirements.

Our warranty and maintenance center has been operating for 23 consecutive years and our qualified engineers and technicians provide quality maintenance services and advice.

Please read product manual and warranty card before using your purchased item. If manual instructions seem to be vague and you need additional information or advice, you can get Mongolian version of manual instructions and receive exploitation advice at our warranty and maintenance center.


BSB Service LLC provides free maintenance and repair services for any faults and defects not caused by wrongful actions of a customer. Customer should bring faulty item to our repair center and shall be responsible for transportation costs. Warranty service is applicable in the following cases:

  • Customer must have valid Warranty Service Card (WSC)
  • WSC should have branch store seal, name of item dispatcher, purchase receipt
  • Product serial number must be written in WSC
  • Product serial number, item name, (make, model) on WSC must be the same as on the purchased item. In the event when serial number is altered, fixed, or deleted, WSC shall be deemed invalid.
  • Warranty seal must not be broken.

Warranty service doesn’t have accessories.

Warranty period for items purchased at BSB branch stores is 3-36 months depending on purchased item and is effective from the date of purchase. Warranty service covers manufacturer’s defects or other caused faults. An item under warranty service may be promptly repaired or replaced with identical item. Some items are not issued warranty and give-away items are not covered by warranty service.

The following items don’t have warranty period:

  • Camera bag, cover, adaptor, batteries, headphones, remote control, cables, extension cords
  • All types of filters
  • Accessories:       vacuum cleaner’s bag, air fresheners, coffee machine accessories, coffee, shelves
  • Refrigerator lamp, air aromatizer, bacteria killer
  • Printer and copy machine ink, ink aircab, film, heating element, stabilizer, image roll, paper feeding rubber drums, gears, amortizable parts
  • Network equipment, web camera, graphic card, paper cutter

The following items are not covered by warranty repair service:

  • If fault was caused to an item due to its no-specification use and non-compliance with instruction manual
  • If item was damaged during transportation by transport chosen by a customer
  • Cause of mechanical damage to internal and external parts by quaking, dropping, breaking, spilling liquid, intrusion of foreign body into item, using an item in frozen condition
  • If warranty seal is broken and damage is caused by repair services performed by unauthorized repair center or by an individual
  • Any damage or fault caused by force majeure events, occurrences, actions or acts such as flood, fire, lightning, civil unrest and natural disasters
  • Any damage or fault caused by use of undesignated adapter, battery or power source, voltage fluctuations
  • Use of home and general purpose appliances for unintended purposes such as  industrial use or use for profit
  • Attempt to falsify, imitate or alter WSC. 

Should these violations be revealed, a customer must choose to use paid repair services. 

Consumer electronics repair center:

Address Contact Timetable
Consumer electronics repair center:
Tel: 7509-1001
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Sun: closed
Songinokhairkhan district, 18th Khoroo, BSB 5 shar building 

 Computer repair center:

Address Contact
Computer repair center:
Tel: 7505-0110
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mon-Fri: 10.30-19.00
Sat-Sun: closed
Khan-Uul district, Chinggis avenue, south to Bus stop 19th khoroolol


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Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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