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1. Where can I get detailed information on selection procedure?

  • You can send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or dial to 976-11-329124 for more information.

 2. What kind of application materials should I submit?

  • Please fill out application form in person at our office and submit 1% of photo taken within the last 3 months, copy of National ID, high school and other professional certificates,  and copy of university diploma. Also you can download job application form from

3. What are working conditions?

  • One of the best in Mongolia. All office employees will work for 5 days a week , store employees shall work according to their respective store schedule. We keep Mongolian Labor law and other regulations of working requirements.

4. Does the company give meal and transportation per diem?

  • Yes. All employees are provided with free lunch. Employees on call service are provided with meal and transportation allowances. 

5. Does the company pay social security and health insurance?

  • Yes. The company pays in full all fees and payments according to Mongolian laws and regulations.

6. Does the company provide uniform?

Yes. Customer service employees are provided with 2 set of uniforms. Employees are required to use their uniforms according to the company dress code standard.

7. Do graduates with international diploma get incentive?

  • Yes. We support graduates with international diplomas and implement “Bonus for employees with international diplomas” program. We pay international diploma bonus equal to up to 60% of their base salary. 

8. How is annual vacation estimated?

  • Newcomers may take their annual vacation after 11 months from their initial employment date. Employees transferred from other departments may take their annual vacation after 6 months since employment commencement. Vacation length shall be determined as per article 79 of Labor Law of Mongolia. 

9. How many stores does your company have?

  • Out of total 19 stores, we have 15 stores in Ulaanbaatar, 4 stores in Erdenet and Darkhan. In addition, we have 19 distributors in most provinces and online store;

 10. Does the company pay overtime?

  • During peak the promotional campaigns employees may work on weekends in lieu of paid day-offs. If an employee has to work on weekends or longer than normal working day hours due to overdue work, no overtime is paid.  

 11. Can you give me information on salary and remuneration?

  • Salary amount and remuneration commensurate with employee’s knowledge, skills, experiences, and efforts. Customer service employees have permanent and performance based salary variations, so there is incentive for high performance. We give pay rise twice a year taking into account inflation rate.


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