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Is there any discount card for buyers? If it is available, how can I get it?

  • Yes, there is. If your payment at any of our store reaches 100,000 tugriks, you will be given discount card from our non-bank financial institution. From next purchase, you get one point per purchase of 10,000 tugriks and will receive hand gift once for 100 points, which is purchase of 1 million tugriks.  Furthermore, the discount card will allow you to have 3% discount for every purchase. On the top of that, you will be given 4% and 5% discount card if your purchase reaches 5 million tugriks and 10 million tugriks respectively. In other words, the cards will allow you to have a discount for every purchase. But discount card won’t apply to products that are on sale. You can get further information by coming in person at our store.

Do you have delivery service?

  • No. But there is a paid delivery service for bulky goods. If an exceptional promotion includes delivery service, the good will be delivered. For example, delivery service is free for raffle winners.

Is there any discount for clients?

  • Yes. Our clients can use their discount card at any time. We select top 100 buyers and organize guest-night titled “TOP-100” every year. The top client receives a voucher and travels to Singapore.

Is there any warranty period for BSB Service products?

  • YesWe provide warranty period up to 3-12 months for the products you have purchased, except for small items (including battery, headphone, etc.)You will receive the receipt of warranty period and need to keep it until the expiration. In the case of damage in the products or any other problems during warranty period, we are fully responsible for repairing or replacing it in free of charge. After expiration of warranty period, you are available to receive our paid services.

Can I join BSB Service LLC?

  • You canYou are available to receive the details about job vacancies, procurement and selection processes from our menu “Human resource”.

What types of activities does BSB Service LLC conduct?

  • BSB Service LLC delivers and sells all types of electronic goods, computer, office and home furniture as well as motorcycle to all provinces and counties through its all branch shops and local sales points.

How many branch shops does BSB Service LLC have?

1.     BSB Megastore – The biggest electronic goods and computer store in Mongolia

2.     BSB Megastore – Home and office furniture store

3.     ELBA or Elba Central store in 4 zam  Electronic goods

4.     Elba Erdenet store – Electronic goods, computers and furniture

5.     Elba Misheel store – Office furniture

6.     BSB Computers store – Computer

By loan of which bank, can I buy the products?

  • Loans of all banks are available. Firstly, you need to choose the products in the store and to receive the invoice. After that, you will collect materials and request for bank loan. There is a slight difference between each bank. You are available to obtain a loan from any bank closest to you.