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Jargalsaikhan 2

JARGALSAIKHAN Banzar, Chief Executive Officer

JARGALSAIKHAN Banzar has been working as the CEO since 2003. He is a model leader with great experience and broad knowledge of trade and economy.



BAIGAL Sukhbaatar, Chief Financial Officer

Employed since 2001, Baigal Sukhbaatar has broad financial knowledge and professional expertise who ensures stability and reliability of financial operations of BSB Service Group.


CHINBAT Sanjid, Chief Marketing Officer

Employed since 2001, Chinbat Sanjid has broad experience and knowledge of international trade and marketing. He is a leading expert of Mongolian Trade and Industry. He is an exceptional organizer who skillfully incorporates company’s marketing operations and the best practices of world’s best branding management in Mongolia.

MYADAGMAA Tseveendorj, Chief Operation Officer

Employed since 1995, MyadagmaaTseveendorj is a leading expert of Mongolian Trade and Industry with broad experience and knowledge of industry and services. She maintains high standard of our services and ensures customer’s satisfaction.

DASHTSEREN Badarch, Chief Facilities Officer

Employed since 1992, Dashtseren Badarch is one of the pioneer employees of our company. She is responsible for the planning, construction, renovation, maintenance and repair of the BSB Group buildings and facilites.

BYAMBAA Demchig, Chief Human Resources Officer

Employed since 2004, Byambaa has built skilled, knowledgeable, and responsible team. Experienced and reliable, she has deep knowledge of human resource management, communication ethics, and psychology. She ensures that our employees who are the biggest value of our company stay committed long term to our organization.

SABIT Shegebai,  CEO of BSB Finance NBFI LLC

Employed since 2005, he has wide knowledge of banking, finance, economics who pays close attention to providing prompt and reliable financial services to customers.




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